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Each Portion serves 6 adults.

If you are interested in having Taipei cater your next event, click here to contact us or give us a call at 210-403-3316.


Edamame $14
Egg Roll (6pc) $10
Vegetable Spring Roll (6pc) $10
Crab Wonton (12pcs) $14
Chicken Lettuce Package $20

Soups and Salads

Egg Drop Soup (cup) $1.75
Hot and Sour Soup (cup) $1.75
Wonton Soup (cup) $1.75
Asian Salad $20
with Chicken $28
With Shrimp $32

Rice and Noodles

Fried Rice
With Chicken, Beef, Pork or Vegetable $38
With Shrimp or Combination $40
Lo Mein
With Pork, Chicken or Vegetables $50
With Beef $52
With Shrimp or Combination $54

Signature Dishes

Served with Chicken Fried Rice/ Steamed Rice and 6 pieces of Egg Rolls
Salt and Pepper Shrimp $54
Black Pepper Steak $52
Basil Beef $52
Triple Delight $52
Beef with Broccoli $52
Veggie Delight $46
General Tso's Chicken $48
Orange Chicken $50
Lemon Chicken $48
Sesame Chicken $50
Specialty Stir Fry
With Chicken $48
With Beef $52
With Shrimp or Combination $52
With Vegetables $46
Your choice of White Wine, Garlic, Black Bean or House Special Spicy Sauce


Bottled Water $1.00
Canned Soda $1.25
Galloned Ice Tea $12

Dessert upon request!!
Minimum $25 Catering charge not included in prices.